Money, Money, Money

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Your home is a sanctuary a place of solitude, for love, families, guests & warmth.
Why then is the only thing I read every week and see every night on the telly the importance of the FINANCIAL VALUE of your suburb or how much more your home is worth. Has it increased or decreased which one of us are financial winners or losers.


Unfortunately in Australian society the value of your property is nothing more than a tool to increase debt to buy things we can’t really afford. The Australian population has a obsession with property like none other in the world and it may be by coincidence but we also have a rate of suicide on an alarming increase. Its no secret that males reaching mid life are seeing a bleak future. The light at the tunnel may be owning your own home but if it is at the cost of a health &a good balanced family life. Is it really a shining light to bliss or a light house perched on trecherous rocks with no safe harbour.

I would love to see just one article or TV report on the holistic merit of an area. How many parks, school, places to come together as a community does an area offer. Is there a proactive council, what is the balance in income, age and religion.


Or maybe a balanced view on the pros and cons of speculation V Investment (which are two very different scenarios ) Forty years ago we became obsessed with fast food and now we are a nation facing an obesity epidemic. it is a drain on every corner of our community.


How long will we go before realising the same is happening with our debt? Our politicians run campaigns on reducing debt for our nation but nothing is done to curve personal debt or encouraging savings for the future and or Superannuation, it won’t be to long before we as a nation are holplessly fat with debt and unable to help our selves.



I have been buying, improving & selling property for over 30years, I have done well from that and I promote getting ahead with investing in property but your HOME is not and financial investment its a holistic one and should be a equal part in the balance of life. At 55 years and over the value of your home should be 30% of your total worth to maintain a sustainable healthy family life.
That balance of life should include basics like freedom, health, longterm savings or superannuation and There is no balance or value in debt you cant afford. R U OK Day

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